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Entry #245

Makes me want to do the drugs

1/8/13 by beastkid7 dded&v=iGf2loLAwVE

"It is reality." "Empathy." Oh the implications. There is so much more to the mind.


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Mescaline is probably the most empathetic (empathic) of the old time hallucinogens - you can see auras around everything living. Really strange, it's like seeing another spectrum of light (or energy/EM fields) in and around everything. LSD kinda comes close, but is a way more introspective drug.

O.O I can see everything! I heard Groucho Marx tried it when he was in his 70's, said it was a good thing, but too terrible to try again. Perfect drug for middle-agers or folks in between careers, I guess.

1/9/13 beastkid7 responds:

lolyeah. I think what it shows about the mind is just fascinating.