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Entry #255

I'm on LEVEL 2 of my Art Quest!

2013-05-02 10:55:45 by beastkid7

As of yesterday.

Upon putting together my next 4 month art training schedule I realized I really just want to jump in and not worry about ending Level 1 with a bang as I intended.

So as anti climactic as it is.. I'm simply going to transition from Level 1 to Level 2. The style of art I will be practicing in Level 2 is more my thing "the sweet spot between simple and complex" I like to say. So as much as I learned from Level 1, I think I'll learn a lot more from level 2. Just because it seems a whole lot more fun.

Hope you guys will enjoy it too and I thank you for your support.

I'm on LEVEL 2 of my Art Quest!


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2013-05-02 12:37:57

Nice! I thought it'd be about personal progress (this post) but it looks comical. I mean, a comic, so far good!

beastkid7 responds:

Thanks Cyberdevil. Well, its both comic and personal progress. If you'll notice the style of comic isn't consistent, its morphing and changing. Just as I do.


2013-05-02 23:06:34

The only person you have to do better than is yourself... really glad you're doing this in a methodical, practical way. You seem to be a pretty good teacher!

beastkid7 responds:

I'm trying :) Thanks. Maybe after I'm a little seasoned in the field I'll look into being a teacher. Of some sort.


2013-05-06 21:02:52

Totes magoats! Did Tom send you a PM about winning the Pico Day art contest?
I should've brought some classic video games for the Mystery Boxes... oh well, store credit, is still store credit :)

beastkid7 responds:

No, but thanks for telling me :D lol I'd get a mystery box but I'm scared there gonna put a pinecorn in it.


2013-05-07 10:16:49

..yeah, you're listed as a winner in the FP news thing. You allergic to pinecones? I still can't tell if I'm allergic to this medicated cement in my tooth, or the dentist gave me the flu :\ Had to cancel my first physical therapy session thanks to the sneezing, congestion... couching, bla...

beastkid7 responds:

loll no, Pinecorns. Those PENIS UNICORN PLUSHIES they sell in the NG store haha. I hope your not allergic. That would suck


2013-05-10 20:49:46

Aww man, feel like such a dunce for not buying some gear there (pico party), especially the Penicorn.. still wish they had a few of the bigger ones!
So you mean 'pine cones'? Took some checking to see if other English speakers also refer to those big-ass pine seeds as 'corns', forgive my lack of local colloquialisms :) ..?

beastkid7 responds:

lol no, my bad, my fault, xD. I don't know why I was spelling Penicorn that way. (Pinecorn) loll sorry