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The Real Shadman

2010-09-14 23:01:25 by beastkid7

http://therealshadman.newgrounds.com/a rt/

I don't care what anyones says THATS disgusting.

What makes you draw things like that. *cringes face* his art literally makes me sick.

Be sides the art the dude seems cool though . . .but WHY!?

I've never seen so much 10s on a picture that incorporates mutilation, transvestites, and incest.

Some times Newgrounds. *Sigh*


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2010-09-14 23:37:14

You clearly haven't been around the internet long enough. Go visit 4chan or ebaumsworld or something else. EncyclopediaDramatica in the very least.

Welcome to the internet, brother.

(Updated ) beastkid7 responds:

I've been on the internet arguably longer than you have. I just tend to go to the more useful parts of the internet.

Uno ...the parts you can accomplish something with.

Like Newgrounds! :D A spicy seas pool of creativity!


2010-09-15 02:50:08

Dude, the whole point of art is to create whatever you want.

Keep an open mind dude. And it's important that if you don't like what you see, doesn't mean you have to look at it.

When the Catholics discovered the art of Pompei, they wanted to destroy it.


Granted, Shad's art is "disgusting" but perhaps thats his incentive as an artist. To make art disgusting to look at. To stir up a form of dislike in something but at the same time, you appreciate it for it's quality.

Granted dude, it seems awful. And I agree with you.

But keep in mind that this is the 20th century and the mindset is still the same.

Just think about how people react to each other for doing things differently.

Ever watch "Taboo" on National Geographic. Now that's a fun show to watch. It's sometimes disgusting but it's important to understand that just as many people think differently from each other and that it's important to show mutual respect.

And besides dude....


You have to click the "A" button to view adult stuff.

Sometimes dude, when you search for risque stuff, you'll find more than what you want.

Search the internet with more caution next time.

But believe me dude....

His art is "mild" compared to the art in comic books that's out there.

Some artists even drew their own comics in their own BLOOD!

Believe me...artistic freedom should never be censored.

Because just as long as no one is getting physically hurt. The only way someone will become mentally hurt if THEY themselves decided to click and look.

The responsibility of your own viewing rests in your OWN hands.

And I'm proud that a website like Newgrounds "encourages" the upmost rights of every artist to be as creative as possible.

*Just make a note, it's just drawings. Not photographs. And they WERE rated appropriately. So if you don't like it, don't look.

It's that simple.

(Updated ) beastkid7 responds:

Actually I think the whole point of art is to communicate ...or to envoke an emotion. And I have to say he does do that.

My mind is open but I literally think people should keep there minds open to mutilated worm infested women displayed in a ...sexual way.

Its not much of a surprise that they wanted to destroy it. But I deffinatly understand what your trying to say.

Yeah I watched taboo in psychology class. Pretty interesting. I think its all different culture and weird to us ...but when they hurt others or themselves because of tradition . . .I just think the culture may have evolved to the point wear its un natural. (ever heard of FGM).

lol yeah I see what your saying I just keep the Mature button on because there is some really creative ...even inspirational mature art out there.

His art might be mild in comparison but I don't gage my standards based on the fact that there something even worse out there.

I just keep going back there erry once in a while because he is a GOOD artist and I think that he might make somethin cool ...I don't know ...like a really sick original character . . .or sum awesome concept art.

yeah you right you right. It does get pretty creative up in this PIECE!

The ability to CREATE is AWESOME! Why don't we all use to create FUN AWESOME things that make people happy! ...no? ... :( kay then.

I guess I can sorta understand having fun creating his art. My sister has that type of humor. Horror movies are like comedies to her. She laughs in the face of decapitation :P


2010-09-15 02:52:27


Forgive me for lecturing you brother. That's quite a long text.

beastkid7 responds:

lol yes ...swat happends when you have a thought to convey.


2010-09-15 09:21:44

He's a talented artist and I like dicks. Incest is a common fetish that doesn't bother me at all. The rest is fucked up but it's still art.

(Updated ) beastkid7 responds:

That he is and I'm sure you do.

Don't you think thats wrong? ...just curious ...don't you think its wrong that Incest is such a common fetish that you have become . . .a custom to it?

It is art but only because everything is.


2010-09-15 09:24:39

You seen his latest upload? Now that seems going a bit too far for Newgrounds.

beastkid7 responds:

Nopedy nope -nope nopers.


2010-09-16 02:06:09

Fun Facts I've learned about other cultures...

Oddly enough....in some cultures, things like sex is pretty common and acceptable by youth and not really viewed as something horrendous or shyful. It's like...meh.

For example...the legal age of consent in Spain is 16. Therefore, you can be 14-15 to legally enter an adult sex shop. EVEN ON TV there is free porn. I should know...I've visited Spain before on my high school field trip.

But vise versa, European cultures view Americans as Violent and Hot Tempered because of our media and love of violent video games.

But countries like Sweden and Switzerland for example...the youths are REALLY into Gothic Metal and Dark magic and stuff. So....basically Dethklock isn't so far off when the gang visits Swisgard's home.

Japan is strange. But oddly enough, not the most extreme. They say Germany has some of the most extreme forms of hedonistic pleasures.

But I do keep in touch with Japan's pop cultures and it changes practically each decade.

You see....Japan is a country who's culture is inspired by things that are popular in European and American cultures.

The whole "Ganguro" dark skin girls is basically Japanese wanting to be..."black". By body spray paint.

My Chinese teacher during Japan History Studies racially (but Jokingly) explains how Japan never really HAD a culture. They simply branched off of China and borrowed ideas from everyone else.

Language, Shintoism, Buddhism, etc.

To this DAY...that remains true. Only with manga and fashion.

A large majority of cultural fads as well as hedonistic pleasures were introduced from other cultures.

However....and fortunately...allot of of is merely expressed through comic books.

Which in hindsight....really isn't as bad as the actual act itself.

I will admit this though...the whole "Tentacle Porn Thing"

100% japanese.

Based off a "risque" fairy tale called "The Fisherman's Wife"

(Updated ) beastkid7 responds:

16 ... :(

Americans are hot tempered and violent. Road rage down here is redonkulous! People will follow you.

As for video games I would like to for 3 days just sit down and play all of Fumito Ueda's games...someday.

Japan just takes everything from everyone else and makes it better. Like Japanese hip hop is crazy good. I jus wish I could understand it.

lol -Hedonismbot.


2010-09-16 11:19:26

His art is totally disgusting. He's a good artist, he has a great skill however not only you feel sick looking at his work. Me either.
But you know why he gets so much 10s? Because kids have no life. Adults look at stuff like that in a bit different way. But Newgrounds is unfortunately dominated by immature users who take their knowledge from the Internet and this medium says 'pornography is cool, masturbation is cool, nude bitches are unnecesary for life' They just need such things to feel good.

beastkid7 responds:

I fear that alot of what you say is too true. Specially by the evidence of that "Welcome to the internet" comment I got.


2010-09-16 19:07:50

As you wrote in the response, some people 'just tend to go to the more useful parts of the Internet.' And that's true. But the amount of people who use the Internet wisely is very low. No, I'm not saint, I also sometimes go to shock sites and other stuff that shows true stupidity. All is for people, porn, hentai etc. I just don't think some of them (I mean kids and teenagers) should have a free access to some stuff.

beastkid7 responds:

yeah I just use the internet for entertainment (Hulu, flash movies, Movies) Communication (criticism, email, Bloging, keeping in touch) and Knowledge(wiki, tutorials). and even on thos I think I spend to much time.

I hate that thats the way it is . . .but thats the way it is. *sigh* innocents is dying faster and faster.

15 yrs from now I would love to have a son or a daughter ...but I shutter at the hell this world would put me through.


2010-09-16 20:06:36

I'm pretty sure the legal age is 16 in most of the world.

(Updated ) beastkid7 responds:

18 for me.

...oh I see what your saying...well call me annoying but I'm keep it in your pants till ya marry the girl type a guy.


2011-06-09 18:25:03

Yeah what a TWAT!!


2011-06-16 07:10:39

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2011-06-17 02:16:19

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2011-10-24 18:12:30

Alot of people would say that America is where alot of the voilent video games are enoyed, but gaming is HUGE in places like South Korea, Japan, Russa, Germany, and is largley popular is the UK, France, Spain, Brazil, Switzerland and is also popular in places like Canada, the Netherlads, Sweeden, ect. ect. ect..

I beleive that all of the gore dipicted in western media is why we are seen as more outragously over the line in media, the seeking of "shocking" news by the North American media is (in my view) the root of the stareotype.

Also places in other parts of the world, vulgarity like swearsing, sex jokes, etc. is next to never seen, in American culture, that is another story...

That is true about sex and Euoean culture. American culture follows more British values, and in the UK people concider talking about sex to be more "don't nee to know". As in European culture, sex is just another thing out there in the world/life.