Entry #237

Comic Con was fun

2012-10-13 01:11:03 by beastkid7

I went for one day, friday. I met and talked to some really ill artists that I admire, I had nerdy, vague, reference based conversations, I was tickled by people in highly abnormal costumes doing the most mundane activities. I was surprisedto see some certain sexy people. My fandom was revived as I saw shotty cosplay of treasured shows I had forgoten. But above all I was impressed by the creativity!

Things I learned:

There are alot of hot nerds :P

one does not cosplay as Ramona Flowers with out being sufficiently hot

There were alot of Ramona Flowers Cosplayers

The ground floor can be likened to a claustrophobic herding of catle

It may take hours to meet up with your friends :P

Theres nothing more amusing than seeing The scarlet spider relaxing in a corner or a deteriorating zombie flips threw her kindle while snaking on a granola bar.

New York looks cool at night

TGI fridays has really good ribs

kids be going crazy when you were your new hat

Comic Con was fun


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2012-10-13 14:39:31

i have a jake hat......and 2 finn hats ._.

beastkid7 responds:

awh, you win


2012-10-13 19:38:08

I have no 21st century made hats, but, that one looks rad. Is there a 'rear' graphic? I'd wear it backwards then, just to keep folks guessing.
Checked out the two chicks at the end of your 'met' list... mmm, lots of hugable eye candy :) It's nice meeting crazy, creative, eccentric people in that kind environment. Must smell interesting in the evenings... where was this, the Javits center?

beastkid7 responds:

lol thats a good idea!

'hugable' is right. Unfortunately I was with a lady friend so that wasn't possible :P. Yup it was the Javits center. It was nice. So much weirdness ..made me feel at home lol


2012-10-18 02:43:44

Only been there once since 9/11 - figures most of my time there, was when it was dirty and interesting.
Still, anything beats the Sunset Strip on a Friday night O__o That's where the real cosplay hits the fan :3

beastkid7 responds:

yeh I've heard


2012-10-19 22:39:26

Maaaaaaan, I wish I knew hot nerds

beastkid7 responds:

Join a hot nerd club


2012-10-21 23:37:03

nice man.

I never been to comicon, I hate crowds.

awesome hat. Should get a shirt to match it.

Also....it's coming.

Also...catch a few episodes of "Good Vibes" on Netflix. It's like Superbad meets 70's show meets Stoked.

beastkid7 responds:

If you get a booth you can avoid the crowds :P

awmanbravestworriers!! its so close I can TASTE it

Good vibes mad raunchy yo :P. Funny though "like Superbad meets 70's show" describes my latest Netflix Obsession. Freaks and Geeks. Judd Apatow the director of Superbad is actually the producer of Freaks and Geeks and the all white cast reminded me of that 70's show xD.