Entry #250

a thought on mortality

2013-02-14 11:03:14 by beastkid7

Life is short and my parents are old. I think the best gift I can give them is that "now my life is complete moment." I think mortality should do that if anything. Make you want to make your life mean something. If not for yourself, than for other people. For those closest to you and even nobler, thoughs you don't even know. As a man with a lack of motivation I find it necessary and quite humbling to go to the extreme motivator. The inevitable death of your family. I think the most tragic thing is disappointment from there stand point. 2/3rds of there life loving you and then you mess up, you fail, or go no where.

I believe every person is individual in the sense that they should choose their own path, there own way. That is their right. But there's tragedy in that, is what I'm saying. That where individuals linked together.. so were not so individual. We get to do what we want, but always at a price. When has it every felt 'worth it' to hurt someone? I guess the creme to put on that wound would be humility, compromise, understanding and above all love. Because love makes you want to understand, love makes you want it to work.

:/ I hope I don't screw this up


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