Entry #256

Can't change my profile pic

2013-05-15 08:20:08 by beastkid7

I think this happened before ...is why I had the same picture for so long. I upload a picture, it won't let me size it and won't let me submit unless its sized. This happened with my art for about a month too.

But I took the risk this time an actually deleted my profile pic. (as if that would somehow help)

Anyway has anyone else had this problem? How do I fix?


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2013-05-15 08:43:41

I think it's gotta be a square picture, and somewhat close to the 60x60 pixel mark.


2013-05-15 08:47:28

Just checked my picture archive... think it has to be in a gif format. They really should say on the page!

beastkid7 responds:

Thanks V. daethdrain reminded me it was chrome that buggs out when I do that. So I used fire fox


2013-05-18 13:43:28

Just size your art before upload? Piece of pizza pie.