Entry #260

I got some new 'quipment

2013-07-11 23:59:50 by beastkid7

testing out these copic markers, prismacolor pencils and this brush pen I got. Def need to practice more with them. I really just got them for fun though, traditional art is always more fun.

I got some new 'quipment


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2013-07-12 21:34:27

Yep, those are the tools most suited for a 2D artist. Your examples are very good! Is that Bai Ling in the lower right? The girl next to her, kinda reminds me of the lady on the tuna tin, Chicken of the Sea :)

beastkid7 responds:

:) thanks, V. Thats Doona Bae, she plays Sonmi 451 in Cloud Atlas.


2013-07-12 21:35:05

*lower left?


2013-07-12 22:44:25


beastkid7 responds:

haha, thanks Boyo!


2013-07-22 06:24:21

Whoa, wtf kinda movie is this? Crap, I would've seen it tn the theaters if I had known about it, and all I did was glance the wiki on it (ahh, shun the spoilers!), and catch one picture of Ms. Bae with some old Borg lookin' dude!

Wowsers. Yeah you got her eyes bang on, but... her cheeks look impossible to capture, although I can't see how you coulda done it any other way. Love seeing your improvements!!

beastkid7 responds:

It's amazing man! ...That old Borg looking dude is actually Hally Berry. They have the actors play there reincarnated selves in every time period.

Yeah, I find the most uniquely beautiful people are the hardest to capture. Also it was my first time using that medium. Thank you!