Entry #275

See the idea is to give yourself a standard.

2013-10-20 15:37:15 by beastkid7

An artificial presents. I'll rewrite the world while my bodies spinning in motion, my heads trying to find a girl. Romance, romance ways deep, crooked, stuck in the pit of my throat. So caught I can't say. To anyone who comes my way, that I'm okay. Love broke fists shanked massive attacks on my heart. Self imposed leaving whirling dismal thoughts of lies and love. I can find freedom in a century. In a no past and no beginning. I can find freedom in a forever. Where I have time to write the meaning. They want me to move, the force of change in energy proposes I force back. When I fight back, I create myself.

Label, finished making time to stake in the order of change. I rearrange and feel strange. That I hold such a fragile power. Fragile in it source that it stems from, me. That I can fail any moment but the permanent creation and what it causes is infinite. I can move centuries of planning I can shape the minds of young men. I can change the course of energies spent. When I complete. When I complete, I change. I break it all to an instance of fruitive mass. That instance is me.

I am a fruitive mass
A force of extroverted creativity

See the idea is give yourself a standard, and believe you are that thing. A self fulfilling prophecy.

To quote a very wise intergalactic rabbi, "Do, or do not. There is no try."

Also the idea that came out of this too was. There are energies and forces operating on us constantly and if your like me you try to escape them. The influence of other people, the moving of time, the aging of your body. The idea I propose is that taking this forces will not stop trying to create you. So fighting back, influencing others, wielding your time effectively, controlling your health. Your creating yourself with action. Our inner force against outside forces becomes a sort of "life frequency". A sequence of give and take.

anyway thanks for reading my mind splats.


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2013-10-20 19:22:45

I had trouble following this :L

beastkid7 responds:

haha, did you read it all the way threw. The first two paragraphs are complete mind splats but in the second have I try to tie it together, lol.


2013-10-27 03:10:47

They were random yet inspiring, thank you.

beastkid7 responds:

haha, thanks. My pleasure.


2013-10-31 05:07:27

Always enjoy your whatevers.

beastkid7 responds:

:) thanks