Entry #276

1. Poetry is truth in its Sunday clothes. ― Joseph Roux

2013-10-31 07:33:41 by beastkid7

Sitting in a fixed state of isolation. To talk is to mend or rip apart. I'm not so good at mending.

Thought is not an action that people can plainly see on the surface, so it is classified as depth. But you come to learn of it's trivial nature after some time. When you realize you live in a physical existence. A small thought sent into the physical realm for effect, is greater than a large thought kept isolated in mind.

This makes thinkers angry. That it's their world that is not tangible. What if you could not be touched? This is how an artist feels. To be embraced they must create, or be a shadow of some one, who seems to not exist.

A window is a lonely place.

But it seems the detachment creates wisdom. A greater understanding is gained with contact. But logic is lost, at the expense of great pleasure and great pain. Is it to feel, and then to understand, or to understand then feel?

Pain speaks for us sometimes. Given the right circumstances pain will heave out treacherous masterpieces, drenched in ugly truths. God help the pour victim who has to swallow. God bless them if they empathize.

My path squirms like a frequency.

Glory to pain who sent me. Glory to pain who tried to drown me. Glory to death, which I thought to be sweet. Sickness is the challenge. Glory to the gradient of life. A place were brawling against your own nature brings happiness, and being free to do what you want, isn't freedom at all.


So, I found this 50 powerful poetry quotes thing, and I figured I could write a little for the idea of each quote. (The ones I like anyway) My poetry is usually very un poetic lol, or just very raw and unfiltered. I tried to edit a little with these *strugs* put them in there "Sunday clothes".


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2013-11-02 06:16:35

I've never felt physically as if the top of my head was taken off. How about you? :/

Wonder which quotes you wrote about above?

beastkid7 responds:

haha, it's in the title, cyber!! :D

I think that's the most interesting one. It's an exaggeration, but I know what she's talking about. The process of poetry is conjuring feelings. The best poetry seems to flow from your heart almost unconsciously. It's not something you think about and so it's no longer about your head. Your on a heart to hand auto pilot.

I try to get that, but it's rarely that I do. You have to be soaked with feelings and have all the words to describe it at whim.


2013-11-07 11:41:08

Riiight... I should read titles. :D It's a different read when there's a topic to link it too, even though the statement leaves me more baffled than the poetry itself. Truth is a better represented truth? More visual? Easier to perceive? Interesting stuff...

I get what you're saying. Physically having the top of my head taken off sounds like a rather painful event to me though, rather the opposite of what I feel when I write. Mentally having the top of my head taken off, now that would make sense, being able to let my mind flow freely, vent, blank out.

beastkid7 responds:

lol :P

Well, when I think about it, it is usually a painful process when I'm successful in drudging up hidden emotions. Then, comes the freedom of fluent expression. (Which is pleasant)