Entry #294

I was wondering why I felt so crap..

2014-09-04 02:56:11 by beastkid7

and then I realized. Oh it's about to be my birth date. Way to feel subconcious. I feel like that's why birthdays were invented. because getting older don't feel so good. I can just feel the expectations and responsiblities growing. I'm trying though.




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2014-09-04 03:11:17

Hmm, is it listed here? http://painbringer.newgrounds.com/news/post/771661 Comment on his post, and he'll update the list!
Ah, time is a human concept, we're more than the sum of our numbers. The numbers worth counting, cannot be counted, that's how special they are. If you really need a boost, consider all this month to be your birthday time!

beastkid7 responds:

nah, I never really celebrated my B-day.

That's really really nice thought V.

I feel like downs are natural. It's easier to go threw them than try to go around them.


2015-04-24 12:39:32



2015-05-24 13:44:54

Oh so you've been tubmlr eh? I guess a few big-wigs from NG have accounts there. Was really hoping I just missed a ton of posts and uploads from you... but wow, nothing new in the past year?!

Hope you've been feeling well, and happy at the progress of your illustration skills... I know I sure was O_O

beastkid7 responds:

Yup, Tumblr and Deviant Art mainly, my new internet name is JohnTheMurray. ^_^ thanks, V. Your always so supportive.


2015-07-20 16:02:10

I've been knocked offline for a while, but hit the library occasionally... do you have any new pieces to upload? I miss seeing how you've been progressing as an artist. How's the daily grind?

(Updated ) beastkid7 responds:

I post all my art on Devart Here's a link


Hows the grind? Well, I returned to NG because I read that creating a time-line of your life helps you to understand who you are and what you should be doing with your life. and I used NG alot as a teen so I'm looking through my old posts to help with that.

I'm lost as fuck and I've got barely any drive to do anything. I feel like I just need to change my environment. But, I'm not sure were to go.

Of course, this is not an original feeling.

[edit] sorry for being so sulky, lol. I feel better after spending some time with my family. How are you doing, V?


2015-09-29 04:07:44

Oh ah, not well either.. about the same as you, only with no family or friends close by, and a few days from moving out of my home for 40 years to God knows where. Figure on floating around North Philly for 2 weeks or so, until I can find a rental, or better yet, a replacement farm O_o Plus I've got almost a dozen cats and no one wants them alive... hoping the tenant next door can at least feed them in the interim.

Incidentally, the day after you last answered me, was when the farm sale actually went through. The new owners gave me 2 months to pack up and leave, and I just (maybe) got a 15 day extension

beastkid7 responds:

Bro, just got to roll with the punches I guess.

It's funny I just saw this video today


:P I take it, it's not that easy. Hope that transition isn't to hard on you.


2015-11-08 07:40:54

The transition.. has been ambiguous, painful and de-moralizing. Still in purgatory, not having a home.
How did your birthday go? Mine would've been a complete debbie-downer, but a nice old timer here made me a sweet Flash... nice to know I'm not completely alone in teh world! Hell, I couldn't even find a place to rent around NG HQ :\


2016-06-15 00:21:22

Still in the shitter, hope you're doing better lol! Couldn't even make it to the NG party this year.